Anna and the French Kiss: A Review

Whaddup!?? This week's review is rather light. Lighter than last week's, that is (because damn man, this girl took Allegiant too seriously). So yeah we have the famous Anna and the French Kiss.

(spoiler caution)

What do you think is under the title?
  • Well our main character is Anna, and she's waiting for her french kiss??

Summarize the story in your own words:
  • It's basically about Anna Oliphant (I like her name so much) and her senior year in Paris. She's sent off to SOAP by her dad and she was fuming about it. Until she meets Meredith and the company. Not to mention the gorgeous hybrid Etienne St. Clair with his English accent and fluent French. You got it, our little Anna's here developed a crush. But she thinks it's impossible. Because St. Clair is taken. But hey, that obvious is not always the real thing, right?

In general: (didn't like it, okay, liked it, loved it)
  • It made me happy. I loved it.

  • It was so cute! After reading a very heavy novel, (cough cough Allegiant cough) this is exactly just what I needed. Something to calm my mourning heart down.
  • The humor. I liked how Anna was with things. I thought it was witty, funny and cute. And St. Clair too! They're both very cute and humorous.
  • The fact that it wasn't focused on the Eiffel tower. Because it's stereotyped. When you mention Paris, the [most likely only] thing that comes into human mind is the Eiffel tower. And that sucks, because guys, there's more to Paris (or France) than the Eiffel Tower. Seriously.
  • The fact that the focus was put on the movie houses and movies.
  • The characters! They're all humans! They have a proper background stories which could make us, readers, understand them better. Also, they're witty and funny and cute and all likable in their own special ways.
  • The friendship! It's amazing. I wish I got a friendship like this. (I mean, I have amazing friends, but the thing we have here in the book is just cool.)
  • The fact that it's a chick-lit but it didn't feel like a chick-lit. When you read actual chick-lit it's like the main character's just all too girly and giddy and stupid and shit. They're humorous, too. But you know, this novel is kind of dramatic (it depressed me for a bit, actually) but not that dramatic unlike in chick-lit's where this one second, everything's fine and flirty and funny. Next thing, it's like the world crushed down on the character's shoulders.
  • St. Clair. (Psh, I'm pretty sure every person who reviewed this novel have a very special paragraph or bullet dedicated just to him, and here we go, I have one too.) I love how he's perfectly imperfect. It's rare in chick-lit and YA romance that we encounter stuff like this: when the guy is a wee bit shorter that the girl. There's a three inch difference. Usually, (or maybe not usually, most of the time) we all get this tall, athletic, handsome, either pale or dark and-- okay, I am saying this-- macho-ish, absolutely dreamy and swoon-worthy guys. Don't get me wrong, St. Clair is so swoon-worthy, but unlike our common male leads, he isn't perfect. He's more of a knowledge/brain over sport club/hormone kind of guy. I also liked the fact that he's a tidy person. That's rare. (Plus: unpopular opinion: He isn't hot for me. Just cute. And annoyingly attractive. You guys shouldv'e read it with me and counted the times I screamed: "St. Clair is so cute! I want to punch him!")
  • Romance. Who won't like this part of the novel??? 
Some cons:
  • I was a little bit confused with the characters at first. There was too many mentions of names that I can't quite place and remember all of them.
  • The first transition of St. Clair from Etienne. Like, seriously. I thought Anna was just high at the moment and shit, but yeah, it took some getting used to.
  • (Also, I see St. Clair and Etienne differently. You know, they're like different people owning the same full name. Like Four and Tobias.)

Favorite scene:
  • That time when St. Clair toured Anna round Paris.

Least favorite scene:
  • Dave scenes. I don't like the guy's guts.

One quote you liked:
“Anna, Anna," Josh interrupts. "If I had a euro for every stupid thing I've done, I could buy the Mona Lisa. You'll be fine.” 
Make a three to five song playlist for the novel:

Rate it by stars/rubber ducks:

Would you recommend it?
  • Yes, of course!

Last words:
  • I would really love it if this got a sequel. Not the kind of sequel provided to us by the author, but a sequel sequel. I wish to see more of Anna and St. Clair.
  • The birthday party's tomorrow!! Wish me luck! haha
'Til next time!


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