rating system + review policy

 I review the novels I read for the [mostly] sole purpose of being able to express my feelings and reactions about how they could have possibly affected me and others who read them as well. Please be reminded that these reviews sprang out of my feelings towards the book and I try my best to make them as constructive and helpful as possible to those who read my reviews. But please be reminded as well that these are my honest thoughts and are not meant to bash or hate on anything or anybody.

As for the star-rating (more like rubber ducks, actually), I don't have a particular corresponding comments about them. I rate these novels according to how I feel/felt [and the roller coaster it took me on] whilst reading the book and are simply lashed out on the rubber ducks to somehow summarize my overall rating, but this doesn't automatically affect my review and the say I have in the novels.

If you are a writer and are possibly interested in having me reviewing your novel, here is a list of genres I accept and do not accept:
 I accept
  • young adult
    • YA chick-lit
    • contemporary fiction
    • dystopia
    • mystery
    • paranormal
    • poetry
    • realistic fiction
    • romance
    • sci-fi
  • new adult
    • romance
    • contemporary fiction
    • chick-lit
  • short stories

I do not accept:
  • erotic fiction
  • horror

I also am open to review novels from self-published authors. If you wish for me to review your novel, send me an e-mail at maiasjacob@gmail.com with your novel's genre/s, cover, and synopsis.

I accept ebooks and physical review copies, but physical copies are preferred. 

I post reviews every Saturday, but I could make exceptions and change the schedule anytime I wish to. But please keep in mind that I'm a student, in my last year of high school, and therefore will be kept busy by my studies.

Please also take note that I don't always review the novels that I get to read--but will at least try to write a short overall review on goodreads--unless I felt necessary.

If interested, you can contact me through twitter or e-mail and we'll figure something out.

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