The Catastrophic History of You and Me: A Review

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As usual, beware of possible spoilers!

What do you think is under the title?
  • Do you feel how heavy the book title is? You better, because I do. I cannot really explain how it goes from under the title, but I tell you, what you think there is, there's a whole lot of shit under that.
Summarize the story in your own words:
  • This novel follows the story of a dead girl. Named Brie Eagan; age almost-sixteen and died of a broken heart-- literally. She wakes up in her family's favorite pizza place to find out that she is, indeed, dead. There shows up a guy in his black jacket who appears to be coming from the 1980's named Patrick who helps her out go through the six stages of grief and somewhere on the road, she unravels secrets of her "kind-of hot" companion and of her past as well.
  • (I am having difficulties writing summaries, if you have not noticed yet.)
In general: (didn't like it, okay, liked it, loved it)
  • I liked it so much.
  • It's the second novel that I've read wherein the main character is dead (first being The Lovely Bones) and I've got to say I liked this better than that one. Probably because it's a little bit lighter on the heart. Oh no, wait, let me rephrase that. I liked it better probably because it is, somehow, lighter for me because Brie was sarcastic and witty and so damn honest. I liked the narration. I liked how so teenager Brie was which makes it easier to understand her. The plot!!! It's something I don't encounter a lot, to be honest. But first time I stumbled through it on goodreads, I perked up and knew right away that I should read the novel. And it didn't disappoint.
Let's give you some reasons why I liked it:
  • The chapters are named after songs.
  • ALL the plot twists!!!
  • The relationship between Patrick and Brie
  • ploT TWISTS!!
Let's talk about the plot twists:
  • There's so much going on the novel, I cannot state even just one without spoiling everything.
  • They're all so unexpected, I swear. One minute, you think the cliche/the things Brie had thought happened, but when the truth unravels, you're just gonna be all oh, damn.
  • Like I said earlier, when you think you already get it, something just snaps into two and changes everything for you.

Favorite scene:
  • The first time Patrick and Brie met or
  • The last chapter.
Least favorite scene:
  • The last and major thing Brie had done to Jackson.
One quote you liked:
“No matter how much you think you know a person - no matter how pretty they act, or how popular they seem, you can never know what their lives are really like.”
Make a three to five song playlist for the novel:
Rate it by stars/rubber ducks:

Would you recommend it?
  • YES!
Last words:
  • Rubber ducks are the new cool.

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