Catching Fire: A Review

(spoilers if you've not read the series yet?)
 What do you think is under the title?
  • My bet would be it's about Katniss being the girl on fire and her starting the rebellion against the Capitol. “A spark could be enough to set them ablaze.”
Summarize the story in your own words:
  • Katniss and Peeta just got out of the 74th Hunger Games and are to start their new lives in the Victor's Village when Katniss figures out that whilst in the Games, she had unintentionally stirred a rebellion amongst the districts against the Capitol. Now she is to keep all the rebelling districts' feet on the ground before all hell broke loose.
  • (I have a feeling that this is the most proper summary I've written yet. Vague, still, obviously, but better.)
In general: (didn't like it, okay, liked it, loved it)
  • I liked it better than I did with The Hunger Games
  • I don't usually favor second novels within trilogies because I think it's the part of the plot wherein everything just sort of slows down, but I'd consider Cathing Fire an exception because I found this even more interesting than the first.
  • The Quarter Quell. I mean the whole idea of this one is completely, utterly ridiculous but either way, it's more exciting, I think.
  • It's sadder! Maybe what makes this better for me is the fact that this is even more depressing than the first one. [sadist Capitol citizen mode on]
  • I liked Katniss is this novel. I think we all know how much the main characters affects our view/experience in reading the novel and frankly, I disliked Katniss a lot in The Hunger Games. Sure, she was a very strong female protagonist. She knows her priorities and doesn't give a damn about what people think of her, but she was whiny and a lot annoying that sometimes I just have to put the novel down for a few seconds to either roll my eyes or sigh. In Catching Fire, she's better. Braver, stronger. Annoying, still, sure, but bearable at least. I think she's more sure of herself somehow and I liked it a lot.
  • Let's talk about the cliffhanger ending. I've come across this spoiler ba lot of times and fortunately, it never lost it magic. Although I've found it funny. Or maybe at the time I read the ending, I've completely lost my marbles and the only emotion I could pull was laughter.
  • This novel was so confusing, honestly. It literally took me a day (plus a mini book discussion) to absorb everything up and gather myself to review this novel, but something about this makes me like it more.
Favorite scene:
I've got a lot so I'm just gonna put them all up.
  •  “When Peeta holds out his arms, I walk straight into them. It's the first time since they announced the Quarter Quell that he's offered me any sort of affection. He's been more like a very demanding trainer, always pushing, always insisting Haymitch and I run faster, eat more, know our enemy better. Lovers? Forget about that. He abandoned any pretense of even being my friend. I wrap my arms tightly around his neck before he can order me to do push-ups or something. Instead he pulls me in close and buries his face in my hair. Warmth radiates from the spot where his lips just touch my neck, slowly spreading through the rest of me. It feels so good, so impossibly good, that I know I will not be the first to let go.
    And why should I?” 
  • “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.” 
  •  The victors holding each other's hands when the anthem was playing a day before the Quarter Quell. That scene was powerful as shit, very rebellious and it made me cry.
  • "Got any piece of advice?"   "Stay alive." 
  • T he whole chapter eighteen. Made me emotional as fuck, as well.
Least favorite scene:
  • Those times when Katniss plays dumb because 75% of the time, everything's just in front of her and she can't even see it.
One quote you liked:
“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”
“Aim higher in case you fall short.” 
Make a three to five song playlist for the novel:
Rate it by stars/rubber ducks:
3.5 - 4 rubber ducks for Catching Fire

Would you recommend it?
  • I suggest you read the series first before watching the novels.
Last words:
  • I apologize for my lack of book review post last week. The novel I read was The Hunger Games and I know that everybody else knew about it also because I was pretty busy and didn't have time to write anything  so, yeah.
  • Also, I was supposed to write this review with its movie adaptation but I missed it in the theaters and because I finished the novel just this Wednesday and I really wouldn't want to watch the movie without having read the novel because I had let myself pass with The Hunger Games and well, I am most likely to feel bad if I did it again. (Also because my best friend had been forcing me to read the trilogy since two years ago.)
'Til next time!


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